Mezcal Restaurant in Chattanooga

Our bar program serves up cocktails, draft beers, and wine, of course…but agave spirits steal the show, with some 100+ varieties to choose from.

Experience the vibrant flavors of mezcal at The Bar, a renowned mezcal restaurant in Chattanooga. Little Coyote offers an exquisite selection of mezcal drinks and a delightful dining experience. We also have cocktails, draft beer, and a curated selection of Spanish and Mexican wines. For wines, we’re embracing those leaner and more acidic flavors that are easy to balance with our food. Agave spirits are the primary focus of the spirits selection and cocktail offerings, with some 100+ varieties of tequila, sotol, raicilla, and mezcal to choose from. Our cocktail program highlights riffs on classics, such as Ranch Water, Margaritas, and Palomas. We also offer a solid zero-proof cocktail menu.

Mezcal restaurant in Chattanooga