Texas BBQ Chattanooga

Smoked meats and house-made tortillas are the heart of Little Coyote’s menu, accompanied by small plates, side dishes, a selection of moles and condiments. And don't forget our agave spirit-centric bar.

In the Kitchen

Good things come to those who wait

Here, we live by one rule: keep it low and slow. Our Texas BBQ in Chattanooga is prepared in a wood fire pit in the back of the restaurant, which cranks day and night. In addition to large smoked items like beef brisket and pork shoulder,  smaller cuts of meat are also offered as large plates – such as smoked pork collar “carnitas” and smoked beef chuck eye.

We’re all about corn. In fact, you won’t be able to find any wheat flour in the restaurant. Using a corn tortilla roller and an oven from Mexico, we make our tortillas in-house from the finest dry masa harina we could find. We also offer a variety of specialty small plates and side dishes, alongside a selection of moles and condiments, all served family-style on cheerful and vibrant plates. For dessert, we’re focusing on simple pleasures – two flavors of soft-serve ice cream with accompaniments. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Behind the Bar

New methods with classic craft

Traditional favorites and new spins on classics meet in our bar to pair impeccably with our Southwest flavors. Agave spirits are our lifeblood, and here you can choose from over 100 varieties of tequila, sotol, raicilla, and mezcal. Looking for something classic to eat with your Texas BBQ in Chattanooga? Try our classic cocktails with a Little Coyote twist, or order a trusty pint of draft beer. With a hand-picked collection of Mexican and Spanish wines, plus a robust zero-proof cocktail menu, there’s something for everyone.